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Digital Data your trusted Kubernetes professionals

At DigitalData, our team of Kubernetes professionals helps you make the most of container orchestration, finding the solution that makes the most sense for your team. Leverage the agility of Kubernetes and the power of our expertise to get the results you are looking for.

Container Orchestration

With Docker & Kubernetes Experts, We Can Provide


Initial consultations as you get started with Docker & Kubernetes architecture


Microservices evaluation, architecture, and design

Kubernetes Consulting

Strategy to increase efficiency and automation for your existing containerized applications

Digital Data Corporation

On-Demand training when needed for your team


We provide ready-built applications with Kubernetes so you're ready to go


Container architecture and tuning

Award-Winning Business and Technology services

DigitalData utilizes a team of Kubernetes professionals to bring award-winning business and technology services to deploy, scale and manage your application projects. Our Kubernetes architecture reflects agile concepts, providing the ideal ecosystem for efficient application deployment. In addition, the container orchestration tool is powerful in the right hands.

Optimize your Processes

Save your team time and your company money by automating otherwise manual processes with container orchestration.


Control your container orchestration. Directly control, optimize, and automate application deployments and updates.

Time Tracking

Decrease time to deployment and increase scalability; With Kubernetes pods, deployment of containerized application in a cloud environment becomes a much faster and simple process.


Reduce needed infrastructural resources. Orchestrate containerized applications across multiple hosts, cutting down on needed server capacity needs. Running software containers across many different machines directly translates into a reduced overhead.


Scale when you need it. Scaling both up and down is made simple with Kubernetes architecture. Add and remove containers in real time, scaling your resources and applications accordingly.

Time Tracking

Keep containers connected and up and running. Orchestration with Kubernetes deployment means the ability to constantly run containers across a high number of different machines. Kubernetes services will automatically distribute an equal load between containers and launch new containers on different nodes should something fail.


Take testing and maintenance off your hands. Kubernetes microservices will automatically test and correct applications. Health monitoring and host checkups make for smooth sailing.

Kubernetes services

Use Kubernetes services. Security, networking and storage services are built-in to the open-source container orchestration platform.

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